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Doctoral programme

Doctoral study programme System Logistics is part of the Doctoral School of the University of Maribor. We meet the standards of excellence set by the Rules and Regulations on Doctoral S​tudies at the University of Maribor​​​.​​

About the programme

The aim of the doctoral study programme is to educate excellent professionals in the field of logistics with a broad natural and social science knowledge, which gives the perspective of understanding developments and trends in the world, in-depth understanding of the theoretical and methodological concepts as well as the ability to independently develop new knowledge and solve the most challenging problems with testing and improving already known solutions and finding new solutions in the field of logistics. Furthermore, they will be qualified professionals able to manage the most demanding work systems and scientific research projects from a broad professional and scientific field and develop critical reflection. The main aim of the doctoral study programme System Logistics is to educate scientists from the field of logistics, who will be able to develop and apply new knowledge from this field. This is the highest strategic level of development and management personnel in all structures of the private sector, the public sector, state administration (logistics organizations and organizations with a strong logistic function, ministries, agencies, the military, police, customs, etc.), scientific institutes and universities.


Doctoral study programme System Logistics will provide students with the following general competences:

  • in-depth understanding of theoretical and methodological concepts,
  • the ability to analyse, synthesize and predict solutions and consequences in logistics systems, processes and functions,
  • the ability to use research methods, procedures and processes in logistics systems, processes and functions,
  • autonomy in scientific and research work and emphasized and continued development of critical and self-critical appraisal in decision-making in the dynamics of logistics systems and logistics processes,
  • the ability to independently use the acquired theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems, both in logistics and non-logistics organizations with a strong logistic function,
  • development of communication abilities and skills, especially communication in an international environment,
  • the ability to work in global logistics chains,
  • ethical reflection and deep commitment to professional ethics,
  • cooperation and the ability to work in groups,
  • the ability to tutor younger colleagues in institutes, at university, in a commercial company, etc.,
  • efficiency in using available resources: their own creative and intellectual ability, the available intellectual capital (staff), other material and immaterial resources (money, equipment, place and time).

About doctoral study programme according to the Doctoral school UM

Information on co-funding, application of the PhD topic and defence and conditions for promotion you can find on the website of the doctoral school: UM Doctoral School