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At the Faculty of Logistics, which is the only specialized faculty for education and research in the field of logistics in Slovenia, currently 432 students and students are studying at all 3rd Bologna levels. We carry out internationally accredited study programs: two on the 1st study level: Higher education professional program Economic and Technical Logistics and university program Logistics Systems. Further you can study master’s on the 2nd and Ph.D. on the 3rd level of the Logistics Systems program.

All our study programs are well-established, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and competencies. That is why our curriculums will never be final, but will always adapt. We are aware that the development of logistics is too fast to lecture on obsolete technologies. Therefore, through our research, we contribute to the development of the world treasury of knowledge, we recognize and listen to the needs of the business environment, and thus adapt our study content.

Our educational process is a mixture of classical and e-learning. It means that you will have lectures and exercises with a pedagogue, and you will do some work anywhere and at any time online.

Employees at the faculty are experts in their field, among the employees, there are also the best students that graduated at our faculty, and we all work together to ensure that knowledge is not unambiguous. Critical thinking and the power of argument are highly promoted.

There are also many opportunities for cooperation. Professors with students work closely on different projects. We do not overlook excellent seminars, projects, students’ articles, but we encourage students to present at various conferences or enable them to participate in student symposium.

We are also well connected with comparable foreign institutions. International networks extend to Singapore, Krasnoyarsk (Russia), France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, etc. Only in comparison we can estimate our excellence in with related institutions. Our students are aware of the importance of international experience and therefore, within the ERASMUS + program, they decide to spend a semester or a whole year abroad.

We can also proud of a well-organized career center both at the Faculty and at the University, which advises students on entering the labor market, organizes workshops, excursions, company visits …

We are particularly proud of the tutoring system. Students’ tutors systematically guide students through their studies, without focusing strictly on their academic development or learning difficulties, but also on their personal development. They organize a lot of events so that after completing your studies you can say that you were a true student and that these memories will stay with you forever. ”