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Vision / Mission / Values / Objectives

The Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor is represented and created by employees who, through their knowledge and work, strive to achieve common goals


The Faculty of Logistics of the University of Maribor will become a leading educational and research institution in the field of logistics and supply chains, comparable to similar institutions in the world and recognized as an established partner in the field of logistics and supply chains.


At the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor, with socially responsible educational and scientific research work and interdisciplinary integration of various sciences, we direct and encourage students, associates and the general professional public to study and apply knowledge in logistics and supply chains.


At FL UM, we foster creativity, innovation, precision, knowledge, belonging and work commitment. We strive for academic honesty and enable critical thinking and argumentative dialogue.


The educational process

Strategic Objective: By providing innovative study programs that are in line with the needs of the economy and employment trends, we train competent staff in the field of logistics and supply chains.

Long-term goals:
1. we carry out study programs in several fields of study,
2. the study programs are carried out at different levels of difficulty of all three Bologna levels,
3. the educational process also includes the findings of our scientific cognitions,
4. we are strengthening the internationalization of the education process.

Scientific research process

Strategic Objective: Our scientific and research activity is recognized in the domestic and international environment.

Long-term goals:
1. Researchers make a significant contribution to the global treasure trove of knowledge;
2. Researchers publish scientific contributions in their scientific field in journals with impact factor;
3. We regularly attend scientific tours of renowned foreign research institutions;
4. The transfer of knowledge to the economy is more extensive and takes place through deep and systematic cooperation with it.
5. We organize a major international scientific conference on Sustainable Logistics.

Administrative and technical process

Strategic Objective: The professional and administrative-technical support to our faculty is of good quality.

Long-term goals:
1. Administrative and technical procedures shall be transparent, operational and user-friendly;
2. We strive to digitize our business;
3. Document the implementation of the activities of all FL UM processes in accordance with quality requirements;
4. Keep all customers informed.

Faculty Management Process

Strategic Objective: We create in a positive environment.

Long-term goals:
1. The principle of democratic-participatory decision-making is established at the faculty;
2. The work environment is stimulating, facilitates the personal and business growth of each employee, and encourages teamwork and communication between employees and students;
3. Employees are responsible, highly motivated and loyal to the faculty and the university.

The process of providing funding sources

Strategic Objective: We are provided with human, financial, spatial and other resources for quality operations.

Long-term goals:
1. We have identified resources (employees, equipment, infrastructure, results of other processes and more) to achieve our faculty goals;
2. We take care of staff development of our employees;
3. By engaging in public and marketing funds projects, we increase the faculty revenue;
4. We ensure the financial sustainability of the faculty.

Quality assurance process

Strategic Objective: A quality management system enables more efficient operations.

Long-term goals:
1. FL UM’s vision, mission and goals are aligned with the vision, mission and goals of the UM;
2. The short-term goals of all processes are based on the long-term and strategic goals of FL UM and are: measurable and evaluated; the necessary resources for their realization are known; responsible people and their authority to achieve the objectives are known; the time at which the goals are to be reached is known;
3. The goals of all FL UM processes are aimed at increasing the satisfaction of its customers. The major clients of FL UM are: students, employees and unemployed graduates of FL UM, the economy and public administration that employs FL UM students and graduates, the economy and public administration using the results of FL UM’s scientific research and professional process, FL UM employees, the general public or the company with their needs and expectations and others;
4. We ensure that the vision, mission, values, strategy and goals of FL UM are up-to-date in the spirit of continually improving the implementation of FL UM processes and communication to its (previously mentioned) customers as appropriate.