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Intelligent planning of storage systems of autonomous vehicles

Project name: Intelligent planning of storage systems of autonomous vehicles

Project Client: ARRS Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Research

Time frame: 1. 7. 2018 – 30. 6. 2021

Project coordinator: UM Faculty of Logistics

Participating organizations: Yasar University, Department of Industrial Engineering


Brief summary of the project:

Transport systems and storage represent an important function in the supply chain. With the recent increase in the share of e-commerce, the order profile, which is generated in smaller quantities, has changed, and is highly diversified and adapted to the customer. In order to effectively manage the changed procurement profile and to reduce response times and increase customer satisfaction, companies decide to automate transport and storage processes. For example, a statistical report published by the European Transport Association in 2017 states that the sale of automated storage systems (http://www.fem-eur.com) doubled from 2015 to 2016. This report is important to show an increase in interest in the automation of transport systems and storage. In general, there are two types of automated warehouses: automated rack warehouses with automatic rack (CBAS / RS) and autonomous trolleys (AVS / RS). The progress of the technology of autonomous trolleys has helped manufacturers of transport and storage equipment to manipulate pallets increasingly using the AVS / RS system. AVS / RS as a relatively new technology have been successfully implemented in many distribution centers, especially in Europe.