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HOlistic online Teaching SUPport

Project name: HOlistic online Teaching SUPport

Acronym of the project: HOT SUP

Project Client: European Commission, ERASMUS + Capacity Building in Higher Education Program

Time frame: 1. 4. 2021 – 31. 3. 2021



Brief summary of the project:

In modern higher education systems, teachers / lecturers face many challenges of different characters. They have to deal with problems arising from social inconveniences, technological gaps and technical difficulties. The project aims to improve the digital and pedagogical skills of lecturers, academics, teachers and higher education teachers in the EU and to provide them with a set of tools for their integrated support in digital content development (Innovative practices in the digital age; Partnerships for digital education readiness). Project partners will develop specific tools to address each of the three dimensions of online training: pedagogical, technical and technological. The results will be based on a comprehensive needs analysis and a gap analysis, which will prepare a list of available digital tools to be analyzed in the following activities.

In the research, the partners will check whether higher education educators know digital tools (level of knowledge), use them in their learning activities and if not. The reasons why educators know the tools but do not use them could be different: 1) they do not know how to effectively include these tools in the lessons (gap in pedagogical skills), or they do not know how to use them / learning to use requires too much effort (digital skills gap). Based on the gap analysis, the partners will identify the digital tools that need to be addressed in the project, taking into account the different functions of these tools in the training. They will then fill the identified knowledge and skills gap, strengthening the capacity of higher education lectures for high-quality and inclusive digital education.


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