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Business Analytics Skills for the Future-proof Supply Chains

Project name: Business Analytics Skills for the Future-proof Supply Chains

Acronym of the project: BAS4SC

Project Client: European Commission, ERASMUS + Capacity Building in Higher Education Program

Time frame: 1. 10. 2022 – 30. 9. 2025



Brief summary of the project:

BAS4SC project is focused on modifying and improving the higher education curriculum of supply chain management professionals at universities, resulting in improved processes of recognition competencies regarding business analytics. The project consortium envisages five universities that offer study programs including courses in supply chain management. So, the project partners are linked by the use of studies and practical experience in the field that’s very important for the functioning of the global economy and for the operational functioning of single companies. Some facts that prove the importance of the logistics industry are: the European logistics market, contributing around 10% to European GDP, employing more than 10 million people, and amounting to more than 1150 billion EUR in 2021. The European logistics market is rapidly progressing to digital, intelligent, sustainable solutions. However, the skills gap in this sector is expected to be significant in the coming years. One of the skills the European logistics sector will need is business intelligence, which is expected to boost logistics competitiveness. There are several paths to develop business intelligence knowledge, which vary in time commitment, cost, and rigour. One of the best ways for future supply chain professionals to boost their skills is by taking appropriate university courses. BAS4SC project aims to develop courses that will be accompanied by innovative learning and teaching methods and materials, enabling learners to develop their analytical skills and put them into practice. The final project goal is to ensure that supply chain management professionals possess key digital and soft management skills for the rapidly changing logistics labour market. The project will seek to not only produce a business analytics skills strategy for logistics professionals but also to increase the number of these professionals – enhancing the efficiency of the whole logistics industry. In the end, advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities can create an overall sustainable competitive advantage.

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