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International Students Symposium ~ Krakov, Poljska ~

12. sep
16. sep

Dear Students,

this year’s host of our international symposium “Logistics & International Business” is the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology


Kraków is one of the most beautiful – and interesting – cities in Eastern Europe. It’s also a fantastic destination for food, drink, and many, many other activities. Read on for our overview of what to expect from your first trip to this great Polish city.

Title of this year’s symposium:

Digital technologies for logistics and supply chain

The papers will be published in the Scientific Journal Systemy Wspomagania w Inżynierii Produkcji.

How to join?

You need to prepare a paper in the English language on the topic of the symposium.

If you want to join send an email to isslib@um.si; don’t forget to attach an Abstract.


We are doing our best to organize this event as a BIP (Blended Intensive programme). If successful students will get funds for the accommodation and meals.

For more information: Student-Symposium