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Second application period for foreigners

On 8 July 2019, the University of Maribor opened the second application period for Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship and foreign nationals – citizens of non-EU states under the 2019/2020.

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University of Maribor

Faculty of Logistics

The Faculty of Logistics at the University of Maribor is the leading academic and research institution in the field of logistics in Slovenia.

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The future of logistics

Why study logistics?

Our study programs focuses on logistics and supply chain management and are designed to prepare students to take on international leadership positions.

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Faculty of Logistics

We are the leading educational and scientific research institution in the field of logistics in Slovenia. We are located in Celje on an excellent location, close to the bus and train station and a large parking lot is located in the vicinity of the faculty.

We take care that our study is useful, practical and innovative, and that we provide graduates with such a level of knowledge that they only have good employment opportunities.

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Number of Graduates



Employment rate

98,46 % *

* According to the data from the database of job seekers registered at the Employment Service of Slovenia (June 2019).