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Enrolment in Masters Studies

The Master’s study program in Systems Logistics is intended for those who want to become leading experts with broad knowledge and frameworks for solving the field’s challenges and understanding the cultural requirements required by international cooperation.

First and foremost, graduates acquire all the qualifications needed to make an organisation resilient to a volatile global market and unpredictable conditions.
It is suitable for those who want to co-create the development of global logistics, operate in international environments and large corporations, or run medium and large Slovenian companies.
It is also suitable for those who want academic careers, transfer knowledge to posterity and create new knowledge, solutions and services that will make pivotal contributions to the development of various areas of logistics.

  • Because after completing your studies, you will have excellent international career opportunities and, of course, high financial incentives.
  • Our master’s degree program is suitable for you if you are bold, flexible and ready to discover the exciting world of logistics.
  • If you want to acquire modern knowledge of digitalization, sustainability, ICT, smart solutions for the whole society; you are aware that it is necessary to have knowledge of analytical and numerical models in logistics, then our master’s degree is the right choice.
  • If you want a different way of studying based on real examples, projects and business simulations, view modern work environments and regularly interact with industry experts.