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Online Information Days

16. feb
17. feb

Do you know which is the profession of tomorrow?

Are you looking for a dynamic job?

Do you believe that smart solutions will run the future?

raketni mož

Then you are in the right place.

The Faculty of Logistics The Faculty of Logistics offers you just that. Excellent student experience and knowledge for a successful career in the dynamic world of logistics.

Join us for information days and make sure logistics is for you.

In three online presentations, we will take you around the faculty and answer three key questions:

  1. Why choose the Faculty of Logistics?
  2. Why study logistics?
  3. What does a logistician do? working day diplomanta fakultete

Of course, we will also allow you a relaxed chat with our students študenti, to give you first-hand and realistic answers to any of your questions.

We know that studying and deciding on your later career is not easy. Therefore, you must decide on a field of study that will meet your personal goals and provide you with a quality life and a successful professional future.

We will do our best to present the study of logistics and the Faculty of Logistics in an exciting and, above all, realistic way, without unfounded promises.