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8th International Summer School on Logistics :: Designing future workplaces: Endless possibilities ::

5. sep
11. sep

The Faculty of Logistics at the University of Maribor is organizing the

8th International Summer School on Logistics.

We promise you a unique experience. We’ll follow a case study approach to learn about latest practices that will lead logistics and supply chain management in the future.
You’ll work in groups and our distinguished professors and representatives from the business environment will lead you through new ideas.

We all know that gone are the days when employees where isolated in booths, heads down with little social interaction. For many businesses, in which logistics and supply chain management are no exception, office design has shifted towards flexible working spaces to suit different needs, such as co-working and collaboration, socializing and private research. Transformation of work places and especially new technologies and new practices leads to adaptation of  a logistician. New competencies, new knowledge and integration of different fields is needed.

This are all topics that needs to be addressed and new ideas are welcome. That is why we entitled this years’ summer school »Designing future workplaces: Endless possibilities«, is aimed at graduate and postgraduate students and all others interested in deepening their knowledge from the field new technologies and practices that will lead logistics and supply chain management in the future.


For more info visit: http://summerschool.fl.um.si/